Computer Recycling – Avoid the Data Dump

Computer Recycling – Avoid the Data Dump


Computer recycling is about protecting the environment and also about protecting your personal information.

Think of all the computer components that go into dumpsters, only to be left in a landfill adding to an already massive pollution problem. Some computers actually wind up in third-world countries where the people are not at all prepared to handle the waste. This can contribute to land, water and air contamination from the toxins leaching or burned off from the devices.

When you recycle your computer and other electronic equipment properly, you protect yourself and the environment.


Computer Recycling Protects Your Identity


When you consider that the average life cycle of a PC is only from two to five years, that’s a lot of computers that are being junked each year. Many people don’t realize what they are doing when they just throw away their broken or outdated computer. Electronic waste has an impact on the environment and that impact isn’t good.

Not only that, but when you toss your computer, much of your personal data may still be on the hard drive. Savvy hackers can steal it, even though you may think you have erased all the information from the device.

The next thing you know, you’ve been compromised. Your personal information is now in the hands of criminals and getting things cleared up and straightened out is nothing short of a nightmare. Information theft is growing at an alarming rate. When handled by a reliable certified recycler, your identity is protected and you can rest easy.


Recycling Is the Right Thing to Do


With millions of computers biting the dust daily, recycling needs to be part of the equation. Consider all the benefits of recycling your computer:

  • Creates jobs – People are hired to tear down the components, often creating jobs for those living in disadvantaged areas.
  • Reduces or eliminates environmental damage – Not just in your community but in other communities around the world as well, as parts are disposed of properly, reused or reclaimed.
  • Saves money – As parts are reused and reclaimed, less money and time goes into manufacturing components from scratch.
  • Precious metals are handled properly – Computers that wind up as garbage in disadvantaged countries are often burned so the metals can be recovered. This method of “recovery” produces air pollution.
  • Keeps you on the right side of the law – You may not be aware of it, but tossing your computer in with the regular garbage has been illegal in New York since January 1, 2014.

Don’t be among the many people who stockpile their old computers. Some people do it because they are afraid of information theft. Others do it because they don’t know what to do with computers or where to take them for recycling.

Getting rid of your old computers doesn’t need to be difficult. Just give us a call at Jiffy Junk. We will handle everything for you. including coming out to haul away all your old computer hardware. Protect yourself and the environment. 844-JIFFY-NOW | 844-543-3966

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