Creative Tire Recycling Projects

Creative Tire Recycling Projects


Do you have old tires lying around, waiting for disposal? These discarded tires don’t have to become useless when the tread is worn; they can be transformed into any number of creative items. From swings to garden decor, there’s a lot you can do with an old tire or two.


Tire Recycling Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend


With the frantic pace of life in today’s world, it’s hard to find time for long and elaborate “upcycling” projects. This doesn’t mean you’re not able to exercise your creativity while clearing an eyesore away from your home, though. Many tire projects can be completed in an afternoon or over the course of a weekend.

  • Tire Swings—You can’t go wrong with a classic. Whether you hang a tire as-is from a solid tree with rope, or make some careful cuts to change the shape of the tire, swings are one of the most popular and enduring uses for old tires.
  • Ottomans, Tables and Stools, Oh My!—With a bit of covering and the addition of a few decorative legs, your old tires can become stylish and affordable furniture. Cover the hole with a piece of plywood cut to size, then bind the entire structure with rope, jute, braided fabric or a crocheted cover using a hot glue gun.
  • Planters—Paint old tires a bright color and cut the top rims into interesting shapes, or plop them down and use them as-is to create planters. This is a double-whammy for curb appeal, as you’re able to clear out unsightly clutter by turning it into visually interesting landscape features.
  • Garden Ponds—A garden pond is a great focal point for your backyard, and there’s no need to spend a small fortune. An old tire, some garden foil, a shovel and some gravel are all you need to get started. The tire makes a perfectly round space with sturdy side support. Line it with garden foil and then fill it with pebbles, water and plants to design the pond of your dreams.


Disposing of Tires Quickly and Safely


What if you’re just not the DIY type? If you have no intention of turning your old tires into planters or elaborate swings, then what do you do with them? Dumping them illegally could land you in an unfortunate legal predicament and can do serious damage to the environment. When tires ignite, which is not an uncommon occurrence at illegal dump sites, they will burn for days and release noxious fumes.

You can’t throw them in a dumpster and municipal pickup won’t handle them, but this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with old tires forever. Our Jiffy Junk technicians will come to your home or business in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, clearing out your old tires and leaving your space clean with white-glove services. Whether you have two old tires or two hundred, we’ll make sure they’re taken to the appropriate tire recycling facilities. No fuss, no worry and no contributing to dangerous tire fires.

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