Furniture Donation, Staten Island Style

Furniture Donation, Staten Island Style

You’ve got furniture you no longer need or want, so how do you get it out of your space and on the next leg of its journey? Managing the removal of furniture can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of any estate cleanout, home renovation or major cleaning project. While there are a number of options for disposal, very few are both easy and efficient. You’ll have to balance your needs and expectations against your particular circumstances to find the best choice for your unique situation.

Furniture Donation, Staten Island Transportation and You

Unless you have both easy access to a large vehicle and a relatively small number of pieces, transportation is likely to be your biggest hurdle.

Most charities don’t offer pick-up services, only drop-off locations for furniture donation. Staten Island is no exception, so simply finding an organization that will pick up is already a challenge.

Once you’ve found an organization whose mission you support that also happens to offer pick-up services, you’ll need to make an appointment. Due to the relative rarity of such services, they tend to be high in demand. You may need to wait weeks or months for a scheduled appointment, so it’s not a suitable option if you have any kind of a deadline.

It’s also important to consider the physical costs of managing such a project on your own. You’ll need help with bulky items, and you’re still running the risk of injury. At the very least, you’ll emerge from the experience with only a few bruises and an aching back. Once you’ve cajoled a friend or family member into helping with the manual labor, you’ll still have plenty of work ahead of you.

Another option is professional furniture removal, which doesn’t always have to end in a trip to the landfill. Once you factor in the time investment to locate a suitable charity, the planning and costs involved with procuring and fueling a truck, and the manual labor of loading, these services often seem to pay for themselves.

Removing Furniture Quickly and Painlessly

You don’t have time to scout a location, plot a route, secure transportation and physically remove unwanted furniture before hauling it to a donation center, where you’ll have to unload it. Likely more than once, since you won’t be able to fit many bulky items in a standard-sized pickup.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand the difficulties of managing large-scale disposal and donation projects. We’re also intensely committed to both the environment and social responsibility, which is why we prioritize donation drop-off and recycling above landfill dumping every time.

You don’t have to lug furniture down to the curb or even clean up behind yourself on the way out the door. We’ll remove your furniture from where it sits, up to and including sweeping away dust bunnies and debris. We’ll leave your space clean and ready for whatever comes next, while your furniture goes on to support a good cause.

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