Wishing for a Garage Cleanout Service?

Wishing for a Garage Cleanout Service?


Is your garage beginning to resemble a warehouse? No room for any more toys or tools? We get it. The stuff piles up quickly when you’ve got a family who enjoy outdoor life. Reclaiming some space in there calls for a garage cleanout service like Jiffy Junk delivers.

If your garage has a lot of old junk or debris taking up space, we will clean it out for you and haul away the unwanted junk. Best of all, we do it all quickly and on your schedule. You could spend weeks cleaning out your garage on your own, especially if you need to wait for a weekly trash service to pick up each load.

Jiffy Junk will give you back a clean garage ready for use. Go ahead and fill it up with some new items.  You may even decide that with all of that space you can actually park a vehicle in there. Our expert crew will sort out the materials that can be recycled and take them to the appropriate location for processing. We are an environmentally responsible hauling service, so all the work is done in compliance with state and local laws.


A Garage Cleanout and Then Some


You might have some larger items taking up garage space, in which case you’ll need help hauling everything out. Jiffy Junk is equipped for pickup and removal of large appliances, carpeting, electronic equipment and scrap metal. If there’s anything that you wish to donate, we will handle that for you.

All of these things need to be recycled or disposed of in different ways, often at different locations. That’s a lot of time and work to accomplish on your own. Jiffy Junk offers a more efficient and cost-effective means to a clean garage. Instead of paying for the rental of a trailer or waste container or spending money for trips to recycling centers, call us for fast service.

We offer a broad range of hauling and clean out services in Long Island and New York City. You never have to worry about the job being too big to finish or having the time to get it done. Just call us and set up a convenient appointment, or simply book one here.

We have flexible scheduling to suit your busy lifestyle. Put away those work gloves and forget about piling up unwanted junk outside until the weekly trash service comes by. We will show up at your appointed time and clean out your garage, in most cases in a single visit.


Get Started on that Spring Cleaning with Jiffy Junk


While you’re reclaiming your garage with Jiffy Junk, you may decide you’d also like a general yard cleanup. Got a shed that’s cluttered with unwanted junk? We can clean it out for you. From fence removals to concrete removal, Jiffy Junk will make your spring cleaning a breeze and get your home ready for the season.

Jiffy Junk is a locally owned and operated hauling service dedicated to giving each customer courteous and affordable service. Let us get started today.


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