How to Dispose of Old Furniture in Broward County

How to Dispose of Old Furniture in Broward County

Whether you’re clearing away well-worn stuff to make room for brand new pieces, preparing for a big move, or doing the hard work of closing an estate, it’s not always easy to know how to dispose of old furniture and appliances. Too large to fit in a weekly pickup bin, too ungainly to easily move yourself and too used to sell, what do you do when you have sofas, bookshelves, bedroom furniture or broken appliances you no longer need or want? Understanding all your bulk disposal options in Broward County can help you to make informed, ethical and earth-friendly decisions, the kind that leave your space and your conscience perfectly clear.

If you need to dispose of old furniture in Broward County, consider hiring a professional junk removal service to handle the heavy lifting and disposal for you. Our furniture removal service is designed for those who need to dispose of old or unwanted furniture, providing an easy and ethical way to clear out your space without the hassle of doing it yourself.

How to Dispose of Old Furniture Without a Truck

If you have access to a large truck, it can be tempting to simply handle waste management yourself. After all, who wants to wait around and plan their life around a municipal waste collection schedule? Most of the time, life doesn’t care about bulk pickup schedules, and urgent occasions tend to crop up at the most inopportune times. Even if you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, the hassle of working around municipal schedules can make the DIY route seem extremely tempting. The truth is, do-it-yourself hauling can be one of the more expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive methods of large-scale disposal. 

First, there are truck rental, administrative, and insurance fees to consider for Broward County residents who do not own or have the ability to borrow a large truck. Then there are fueling costs, along with processing fees at many drop-off centers. Moderate-to-large jobs often require multiple trips to more than one location, which means fueling and processing fees grow exponentially. You’ll also be on the hook for all the sorting, logistics and heavy lifting along the way. In the end, a staggering number of relatively small transactions can add up to a much more expensive waste removal bill than you planned, and you still end up with an aching back for all your trouble and money invested.

Municipal bulk pickup services through Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County do exist, and they can keep you from the hassle of dealing with logistics, transportation and hauling. You’ll still need to be capable of hauling everything down to the curb under your own steam, though, as all municipal bulk pickup services are curbside in Broward County. Bulk collection crews will dispose of furniture, appliances, carpet, padding, fencing and some lawn waste. All items must be stacked or placed neatly at the curb before 7AM on your scheduled collection day, but these special services only happen once per month on the city’s schedule. This means that if you’re moving or working on any type of firm deadline, you may find yourself in an unmanageable time crunch relying upon municipal bulk collection. 

Should you be lucky enough to find your schedule is aligned with municipal bulk collection, you may still want to stop for a moment to consider where the waste you place out for collection will end up once it’s removed from the curb in front of your property. While some types of items will be taken to local recycling centers, others will be taken to the nearest landfill. Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park, or “Mount Trashmore” to locals, is inching ever nearer to capacity and is already more than twenty stories tall. When you place worn and outdated but still usable furniture or household goods out for bulk collection, you’re sending items that could still do good in the community directly to an overcrowded landfill. According to current estimates, up to 3,500 pounds of waste are dumped at Monarch Hill each day, with Hurricane Wilma alone contributing up to one million tons of debris to the overcrowded space. Every bit you can divert from Monarch Hill truly helps, which is why it is so important to choose ethical haulers and disposal solutions that actively work to limit their landfill contributions in Broward County. 

Figuring out how to dispose of furniture on a tight schedule without sacrificing your back and your peace of mind doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. Working with ethical, responsible and dedicated private haulers can help you streamline the entire process of waste removal so you’re free to focus all your time and energy on the parts of your project only you can handle. 

How to Dispose of Old Furniture Easily and Ethically

At Jiffy Junk, we understand how important it is to beat your deadlines with time to spare. We also understand the value of old-fashioned, full-service hauling in today’s fast-paced world. Our experienced and knowledgeable removal technicians come to your home or place of business to remove almost anything you can imagine, and we do all the heavy lifting. Our crew leaves your space swept clean and free of any roaming dust bunnies, ready for whatever the future might hold.

We’ll uninstall old appliances before removing them for transport to a recycling center. We’ll tear up old carpeting and padding, and we’ll take all of your old furniture, too. Anything in usable condition will immediately be separated for drop-off at local donation centers, ensuring these items stay in the community and out of Monarch Hill. Everything else is carefully screened and recycled whenever there are available facilities, even if it means seeking out programs municipal waste management doesn’t use. We take our commitment to the environment as seriously as our commitment to exceptional customer service, and we work hard to pass our minimized environmental impact on to our clients.

Don’t let a big job with lots of waste to manage become a source of stress. Our expert techs can make quick work of even the largest jobs, whether you need one-time removal or recurring pickup services. Call us today and learn how you can take care of any sized job with a single phone call, no stress and no manual labor required. 

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