New York Celebrities Who Might Need A Junk Hauling Service

New York Celebrities Who Might Need A Junk Hauling Service

Many celebrities live in New York City. Movies and TV shows are filmed there, and of course, don’t forget Broadway. It’s hard to imagine how these famous millionaires live, but of course, they’re still human beings with many of the same life issues that the rest of us have. Sure, they live in multi-million-dollar mansions and condos, but hey, more money means more stuff, and sooner or later, they’ll have too much for their house or apartment. Life situations create clutter and junk issues for everyone, and sooner or later, we all make choices about our lifestyle, having to clean spaces out. Here are a few New York residents you might recognize. Ever wonder what might make them need a junk hauling service? Doesn’t everyone wonder?  Here are some possibilities.

  1. Tina Fey

We know Tina as the first female head writer for Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey started out on the East Coast after school, moved to Chicago to enroll in comedy training at Second City. She lived there for some time before coming back to New York City, but meanwhile worked at the local WMCA desk, getting room keys and towels for disenfranchised men needing a place to live. Eventually, after making tons of money and living in the most upscale celebrity condos in Greenwich Village, she picked up some bad habits. All of America saw how she likes to shop with her American Express card, buying bare-foot running shoes, king-sized yoga mats, giant tubs of protein, hand weights, jogging clothes, 1950’s style dresses and shoes for her daughter, 14,000 racquetballs, a giant 3 in 1 body pillow, cat toys, pounds of cheese and shrimp, cases of medical gauze, packs of nut-free paper school supplies, unicorn notebook binders, and adorable but terrifying fuzzy monster pens. It’s easy to see that this is far too much stuff to keep in a condo in NYC. We at Jiffy Junk can help Tina with her unfortunate purchases by hauling off what she can’t store.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica has lived in NYC for much of her life and filmed numerous movies and her classic hit TV show, Sex in the City, in her hometown. She and husband Mathew Broderick also live in an exclusive condo in the upper east side. The biggest question her fans have is, “Where do you put all those Blahnik shoes?” Not just shoes, but it’s known amongst her most dedicated stalker fans that SJP has rooms of designer clothes from local world-class designers, as well as her own designer line of clothing. Just imagine Ferris Beuller having no place at home to comfortably lay his head! There are further rumors that she’s been given years’ worth of Garnier hair products. Even with a large NYC luxury apartment, some items have just got to go- if only to make way for more clothes. Those Broderick kids are also going to need more room as their wardrobes grow. Somebody please, let Sarah Jessica know that her trash can be someone else’s treasure. We don’t just take trash away. Jiffy Junk will find local charities to donate those precious items that you just can’t keep anymore.

  1. Taylor Swift

Who knew Taylor Swift would live in New York instead of some ranch near Nashville? She’s another upper east side apartment dweller. How can Taylor possibly have enough room for all her Grammys, Country Music Awards, as well as her prized 2009 VMA, signed “With Love, Beyoncé,” on the bottom? Taylor is also a huge fan of all things Christmas after being raised on a Christmas tree farm. It’s not hard to imagine just how many green and red storage tubs of decorations, ornaments and fake garland she might have stored somewhere! She also has a Disney movie collection, and some of those might even be, ewww, her childhood VHS cassettes. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything else. In fact, we think she could afford to start watching those Disney movies through her digital devices and finally part with the VHS collection. Those tapes take up a lot of space. Just think of the extra room Taylor could have. Perhaps Jiffy Junk can help her out by taking those tapes and other less valuable items off her hands, clearing out perhaps a whole space for her to set up her decorations year ‘round. It could happen.

  1. Justin Timberlake

Justin has come a long way since his days in the Mickey Mouse Club and boy-band NSYNC. He and his wife, famous actress Jessica Biel, have a sweet exclusive home in upper Manhattan. Little known fact: Justin is purported to own a pair of every single type of Air Jordan athletic shoes that have been made. Think about that. The first Air Jordan’s came out in 1984, with a new style unveiled every year since. Yes, Justin was born in 1981, and it seems ridiculous that he’d want shoes that started being made when he was three years old. We at Jiffy Junk imagine that his fans probably know better than we do about the breadth of Justin’s shoe obsession, so we believe it.

If Justin’s collection is limited to one pair per year, that’s thirty-four pairs of basketball shoes. If you wonder how much room 34 pairs of shoes can take up, consider that Justin wears a size 11 shoe, making his Air Jordans 11 inches long. One pair of these in a storage box or space would take up at least one cubic foot. That’s 34 cubic feet of storage for… shoes. And that’s assuming that Justin’s Jordon shoe obsession included only one color or style variation for each given year. He could conceivably own 68 pairs of these shoes. Consider that It’s more than likely Justin might wear other types of shoes when he’s not playing B-Ball, and that those shoes also need space. We can see how Justin might have to weed through other home furnishings and possessions to make way for the shoes. Jiffy Junk has the Timberlake family covered. Jessica won’t have to deal with this alone. We know all the best recycle centers and charities for donations, as well as the most responsible trash collection centers in NYC.

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