Used Appliance Pickup in Suffolk County

Used Appliance Pickup in Suffolk County


Ring in the new year with a fresh start, beginning with a call to Jiffy Junk for our used appliance pickup service. Reclaim the space taken up by that old freezer or the clothes dryer you’ve had since college. We can help with your spring cleaning, whatever you need to clean out of your home or business.

If you are a property manager needing help with clearing out rental units, Jiffy Junk hauling service will have your properties ready in a jiffy for the next renter. Keep your rental properties earning income, and save time and labor costs. Hire the efficient moving professionals with affordable rates.


Used Appliance Pickup Saves Time and Money


Appliance removal is hard work in the best conditions. When you factor in the struggle of navigating tight spaces, stairways or elevators, it can be a time-consuming and painful job as well. Not to mention the hassle of prepping your used appliances for pickup by a trash collector. That will require you to disassemble your appliance as a safety measure. Then you’ll need to leave your used appliances outside until those trash guys stop by on their special pickup days for large items.

If your old appliance has been sitting for a while in storage, it could be leaking oil, covered in dust or even infested with pests. Jiffy Junk used appliance pickup will do the job with our White Glove Treatment so you won’t have a thing to clean when the work is done. We will pick up your used appliances, and clean up afterwards, to save you time and leave you space you can use immediately.

Appliance removal takes special equipment for transporting large, bulky items. It isn’t a job you want to undertake on your own, or without the necessary tools. Appliance dollies and moving vehicles cost money to rent, and you still need to know where to take the appliance if you do it yourself.  Jiffy Junk offers reasonable rates and fast service that will save you both time and money.


Used Appliance Pickup with a Conscience


A lot goes into moving those big appliances, and even more goes into building them. Your used appliances are manufactured using a lot of materials. Many of them are expensive to acquire, some are hazardous to dispose of improperly, and nearly all of them can be recycled for continued use.

Jiffy Junk is an environmentally conscientious hauling service, committed to hauling and cleanup services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. We will recycle your used appliance after pickup, so you’ll also save space and the planet when you call us.

Avoid the hassle of moving those old appliances yourself. Jiffy Junk will supply the tools, manpower, transportation and recycling service for you. From start to finish, we will handle your used appliance pickup promptly with no mess for you to clean.

Contact us or book an appointment online for a no-risk estimate on your used appliance pickup. If you’ve got more things to move, we can provide volume pricing to include furniture removal, carpet removal and cleanout services too.


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