Bathtub Removal: You Can Complete That Bathroom After All

Bathtub Removal: You Can Complete That Bathroom After All


One of the most difficult stages of a bathroom remodel is the bathtub removal. Older bathtubs in particular can be tough to not only remove, but haul out of the way. Those old porcelain fixtures, cemented into place, could practically take a direct missile hit unscathed. Tubs weigh a ton and leave quite a mess behind when they’re finally ready to be go.

Molded units weigh much less, but are bulky nonetheless and tricky to navigate out of the way, especially down flights of stairs. And who needs to tie up a flight of stairs when you’ve got workers all over the house getting paid top dollar for work that’s ground to a halt?


Wash Your Hands of Bathtub Removal


You need to keep your bathroom remodel on schedule and not slow down the works with a massive cleanup of the job site debris. Let Jiffy Junk handle the bathtub removal and cleanup so your contractors can get that new one installed more quickly. Your work area will remain clear of debris and the job of installing your new bathtub will go much more smoothly as a result.

We’ll clear out the drywall, plaster, wallboard, floor tiles and other debris. Trust our White Glove Treatment to leave the space ready for your new fixtures and flooring to be put in.  Renovation is costly work, whatever you can do to grease the wheels is time and money saved. With Jiffy Junk on the job, we promise that your job site will be spotless before we leave.

There’s no need to leave that debris sitting on the curb out front either. We’ll load it up on our container truck and haul it away with us. You’ll be done with your bathroom remodel and relaxing in that new tub, with the old one long gone along with the mess.


Upstairs, Downstairs


Any size job you’ve got, anywhere in the home or business, Jiffy Junk has the experience and tools to get it done, at the right price for you. We will clear out flood damage in your basement, debris in the attic or clutter in the yard or shed. Wherever you need space, and have junk to clear out, we’ll haul it away for you at volume pricing. That means you don’t have to pay for more work than we do, and you don’t need to worry that any job is too big for us to handle.

Call us or book online to schedule a visit or for a no-risk quote. We’ll give you an estimate that we’ll stick to, so you can schedule the job with total confidence. In Queens, Nassau and Suffolk, Jiffy Junk are the junk hauling people to call.

We are dedicated to delivering prompt, professional and courteous service to all of our valued customers throughout Long Island. All recycling and disposal is done in accordance with all federal, state and local guidelines. Save yourself the hassle of taking everything to the appropriate centers for disposal and leave it to us. We donate your used goods on your behalf too!

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