Easier Ways to Dispose of Concrete

Easier Ways to Dispose of Concrete


Is the prospect of concrete disposal all that’s holding you back from an ambitious do-it-yourself project? Heavy, ungainly and difficult to manage, concrete presents a serious dilemma for many home and business owners. In fact, getting rid of the concrete resulting from demolition on your property can seem more labor-intensive than the process of tearing it out, or the entire build portion of your project.

Established contractors with large support networks have an easier time managing concrete debris, but there often seems to be a dearth of options for the average homeowner or small-scale handyman business. While this material does pose some unique challenges and require special consideration, disposing of it properly doesn’t have to present an unsurmountable obstacle.


Things to Consider Before Hauling Concrete Yourself


If you have a pickup truck and a strong back, it can be tempting to load up all the concrete you can fit in the truck bed and set off for the nearest landfill. Before you do that, though, there are some things you should consider.

First, there is the potential for damage to the truck. The bed will likely be scratched or otherwise damaged unless there’s a bed liner, which may only prevent some damage. Broken edges are sharp, and concrete is heavy, which presents another issue. Depending on a number of variables related to the truck itself, the sheer weight can cause damage. The bed of the truck may hold more broken concrete than the truck can safely haul, which can lead to issues as minor as sluggish performance or as serious as a broken axle.

Once you’ve loaded the concrete, you’ll need a destination. Not all landfills accept construction and demolition waste, and some will charge fairly substantial fees for dumping. Some very large building supply companies may accept old concrete, but you’ll still have to load, haul and unload it all yourself. When it’s all said and done, your truck and your back will likely have some injury to show for the experience.


Dispose of Concrete Without Injury or Property Damage


Managing waste is an essential part of any project, but it’s particularly important to clear away concrete debris, which can pose a safety hazard on your property. If the idea of breaking up and removing concrete structures, only to have to load the remnants, haul them and unload them, makes you leery of even beginning, there is an easier solution.

Home and business owners throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties rely on our trained Jiffy Junk technicians for full-service, white-glove debris removal. When you need a safer, faster and cleaner way to dispose of concrete, let us come manage the project. We’ll leave the space clean and ready for construction, and we’ll offer our personal guarantee that all materials will be disposed of in the most ethical, earth-friendly methods available.

Let us help you make quick work of your building debris disposal, so you can get back to the fun, exciting and rewarding work of revitalizing your property.

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