How to Get Rid of Old Furniture on Long Island

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture on Long Island

The hardest part of upgrading home décor is often figuring out how to get rid of old furniture. The options are: You can haul everything off yourself, sell the old furnishings, hope that the folks delivering your new furniture will take the old with them, or you can leave it all outside for the trash people to collect.

If you decide to take your old furniture off to discard it on your own, you may not have anywhere nearby to bring it to, depending on where you live. In Huntington, for example, you are on your own when it comes to bulk waste disposal. You can’t just leave it curbside for pickup, and will need to find a place to dispose of it. Local ordinances are in place to preserve aesthetics and to prevent trash accumulating in residential areas, but that can cause a great deal of effort on your part to discard your old furniture in compliance with those statutes. Get the services you need from Jiffy Junk.

It isn’t always feasible to sell off your old stuff either, when you need it out of the house to make way for your new furniture. Waiting for a motivated buyer to take all that old furniture off your hands just isn’t a very appealing option when you’re in the middle of a remodel. Not to mention the hassle of having a parade of prospective buyers come through to look at the furniture.

Some furniture delivery services will take your old furniture and others will not. You may pay additional fees to those who do accept old furniture, and you won’t have any say in where it goes once it’s on the truck.

Leaving the furniture outside, when it isn’t expressly forbidden by local statues as above, often involves having to wait for specific pickup dates from the local sanitation service. You can’t just set it out at the curb when it’s convenient for you. You may need to hold off on your remodel until you can get the old furniture collected.

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture Your Way

Jiffy Junk will haul your old furniture, on your schedule and per your preferences. If you’d like to donate your things to a charity or a cause that is important to you, Jiffy Junk will see that your old furniture goes to those people in your name.

We will alleviate the need to wait for a time that’s convenient for someone else, or the obligation to hold your old furniture until it’s OK to place it curbside. You won’t have to carry everything out to a waste disposal site miles away, and wait in line to have it taken off your hands.

No need to advertise, and show your furniture, to countless prospective buyers. Just call Jiffy Junk, and we’ll haul it away in a jiffy. We can also take care of your old carpeting, and clean up whatever construction debris you may have from the remodel project.

Wherever you reside on Long Island, or in Queens, we have the know how to get rid of old furniture, trash or debris. We welcome commercial as well as residential projects; so if you’ve got an office space that needs a cleanout, we’re the folks to call.

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