Eviction Clean Outs for Property Managers

Eviction Clean Outs for Property Managers


One of the many tasks on a property manager’s plate is cleaning out after an eviction. Whether you manage an apartment complex, storage facility or a commercial building, when you must evict a tenant, you are often left with a mess. Since the tenant was forced to leave, they rarely take the time to clean up the space as they leave the premises. The rubbish, trash and even furniture left behind now needs to be quickly removed to make the space ready for a new tenant.

Evictions come after rent hasn’t been paid for a period of time. Getting new paying tenants into the property is a high priority. As a property manager, you may not have the bandwidth within your week to oversee the cleanup of a leased space at a moment’s notice.

It can take several hours to clear out a space and even longer to haul the items away to the appropriate disposal sites. Then there is the task of cleaning the unit, especially if it was left in an unsanitary condition.

Every day the space stands empty, it is costing the company you work for money. Cleanup is paramount to ensuring you have the unit ready for a new tenant as quickly as possible. The sooner you have the space cleared and cleaned, the quicker you will have the unit leased to a new tenant, reducing your financial loss. Time is of the essence; you need help, and you need it fast.


Your Eviction Clean Outs Solution


At Jiffy Junk, we can handle the left-behinds of an eviction with our quick, convenient rubbish removal service. We also offer a professional cleaning of your space, after the removal of the furniture, trash and other rubbish from the premises. Not only do we clear out the space, we haul away all the junk as part of the service. Our professional cleanup team will make sure the unit is free of all items and left swept and vacuumed after we leave.

For situations where more was left behind than just junk, you may need to have the unit cleaned and sanitized before you can begin getting it ready for the next tenant. Jiffy Junk also offers an extra deep-cleaning service for spaces that need a more thorough sanitizing. We have specialized steam cleaning equipment that can sanitize the surfaces to give you a clean unit that will be easy to get ready to rent. Just let our team know what you need and we will get it accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Jiffy Junk is the team to call when you need junk removed. For New York and Long Island property managers stuck with an eviction situation or for rubbish removal after any tenant moves out leaving a mess.

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