Where’s a Concrete Dump When You Need One?

Where’s a Concrete Dump When You Need One?


Before you start that renovation or demolition project, do you have a concrete disposal plan in place? Whether you’re a property owner tackling a big project on your own or a small general contractor in need of reliable waste cleanup, there’s a lot to consider when you take on a project involving the removal of old, damaged concrete.

Concrete is heavy and unwieldy, even when broken into smaller chunks and rubble. Because it weighs so much, hauling it away in an average pickup truck would almost certainly require several trips, not to mention grueling physical labor. There are also local, state, and federal guidelines to consider, which all have the potential to affect how and where you dispose of rubble.


Alternatives to the Concrete Dump


In the past, broken and unwanted concrete rubble was dumped into a landfill and forgotten. These days, there are a number of different methods for recycling and repurposing the concrete you no longer want or need.

Opting for recycling has an immediate practical benefit: It’s typically less expensive to have materials recycled than it is to dump them. Landfill fees can add up quickly, particularly when you’re dealing with such heavy refuse. Your old concrete has the potential to save limited natural resources, too. Crushed and broken concrete makes a great gravel product, and requires no mining or quarrying. It can become aggregate base, fill, or a number of other common products.

You don’t have to be a hardline environmentalist to see the benefits of keeping your debris out of a concrete dump. A cleaner environment and lower costs can go hand-in-hand and make a difference on your particular project. Unfortunately, recycling centers very rarely offer any kind of pickup service.

You’ll have to find an appropriate drop-off location, secure suitable transportation, and then load all of your concrete waste in order to take it to a recycling center. Since a job of just about any size will generate more than one load of concrete, you’ll need to set aside plenty of time to make several trips.


Streamlining Concrete Disposal for Better Efficiency


During any construction project, efficiency is key. Time really is money, and you can’t afford to waste time on inefficient concrete hauling and disposal methods. Concrete debris left on your property not only slows the progress of your project, but can also present a very real safety hazard to everyone in the vicinity. If you’re a small general contractor, sending valuable skilled workers on disposal errands is a waste of expensive labor. No matter how you slice it, attempting to handle disposal yourself is inefficient.

We know you want to take back your property and get your renovation project finished. That’s why our trained Jiffy Junk technicians are ready and eager to go the extra mile for your project. Because we’re committed to greener living, we’ll make sure all of your concrete and construction debris is recycled appropriately and disposed of in an ethical manner. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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