Who Will Remove My Junk?

Who Will Remove My Junk?


How do you manage waste as part of a larger cleaning, organizing or moving project? Whether you’re cleaning out a rental property to prepare for new tenants, doing the hard work of clearing an estate, or are just trying to make better use of your space, the things left to discard are likely more than just a pile of junk.

Commercial and residential projects, from the very smallest to the most complicated, tend to yield a wide variety of items ready for disposal. Mixed in with the broken furniture and unwanted items, you’ll likely find things you should recycle, things in good enough shape to donate, and items which must be handled carefully to avoid potential environmental hazards. This means you’ll need to set aside plenty of time for sorting and logistics just to make sure you’re staying on the right side of both the law and ethical behavior.

Unless you have an unlimited amount of time and access to a very large vehicle, you’ll almost certainly have to call in reinforcements. This is when it’s time to ask yourself, “Who will remove my junk?”


What Are My Disposal Options?


While there may be a few alternatives in some areas, you’ll find that you really only have three options when it comes to bulk waste management: hauling it away yourself, working with your local sanitation department or hiring a private service provider.

DIY hauling can be a feasible solution, but only if you’re dealing with a relatively small amount of one or two types of waste and have access to a suitable vehicle. Each category of waste you add to your list will add another destination, too. Recycling centers tend to be quite narrow in scope when it comes to what they process, so a variety of recyclable waste will mean making separate trips to multiple locations.

Factor in the cost of vehicle rental, insurance, fueling, tolls and processing fees at disposal sites, and you might feel a bit of sticker shock as you realize the price of doing it all yourself. This is, of course, before you even consider the value of your time and physical labor.

Municipal sanitation services in most areas will offer specialty pickup for large or non-traditional items, but you’ll have to be sure they accept the things you’re trying to get rid of before banking on them as a solution. Special pickup typically requires an appointment, and you may be limited in how much you can set out for each trip. Again, this is a great option if you have a very small amount of waste but quickly becomes infeasible for large projects.

The last option is to call in for professional backup in the form of a private waste management company, which gives you the opportunity to make ethical choices every step of the way.


How Do I Remove My Junk Ethically?


Your end goal is a clean and clear space, no matter what type of project you’re managing. You don’t want to accomplish that goal at the expense of the environment, your neighbors or your legal compliance.

At Jiffy Junk, we provide full white-glove service to residential and commercial clients throughout the five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We’ll come to your home or business ready to not only remove your waste but to do it ethically and responsibly. We’ll sort and drop off your items for recycling and donate any usable items to further benefit your entire community at a reasonable price. Together, we can all make quick work of even the biggest messes.

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