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What to Do with Old Appliances When You Remodel

February 10, 2017.

Got plans for a new kitchen? Thinking of repurposing your basement into a man cave? One of the biggest challenges of a remodel is what to do with old appliances that are in the way. Jiffy Junk can help you get started by giving you the space you need to work with.

Before you can bring your new plans to life, you will need to clear out the area involved. That means hauling out appliances, furniture, carpeting, and anything else in the way. You may have several contractors involved, depending on the scope of your project. Flooring, plumbing, wall treatments, and other jobs require clear space before the work can begin.

You would rather not haul heavy appliances up or down a flight of steps. Paying expensive skilled labor to do it for you isn’t a much better option. You’re paying those guys to remodel, not rearrange unwanted appliances or furniture. In any case, you would certainly prefer having all those items out of the way before any work begins on your remodel.

Jiffy Junk Knows What to Do with Old Appliances

If you opt to remove your old appliances yourself, you will need to have an appliance dolly for safe and secure transport out of the building. Unlike conventional hand trucks, they’re designed to securely fasten the appliance in place with straps and will accommodate taller items. Appliances like refrigerators can be top-heavy and present a tip-over hazard. Others, like washers or stoves, are bulky and difficult to maneuver on conventional hand trucks.

To ensure that your appliance does not present a safety risk, you will need to remove any doors that a child can open and become trapped. Then you will need to arrange a special pickup on whatever dates your local trash pickup service has set aside for such items. In the meantime, you will need to either leave the appliances at the curb or work around them until the appointed day.

Jiffy Junk works on your schedule, not the other way around. We will pick up your appliances at a time convenient for you, and at whatever place your appliances are sitting right now. You don’t need to rent or buy special equipment. No need for you to navigate large items through your home, then leave them outside awaiting pickup. We do it all for you.

Save Time, Space and Money with Jiffy Junk

The bottom line is you don’t need to know what to do with old appliances. All you need to know is who does, and how to reach us. Jiffy Junk has the equipment and expertise to remove your old appliances quickly and safely. Our exclusive White Glove Treatment will leave behind a clean space ready for your remodel to begin.

We will donate any items that can be reused, or recycle those that have outlived their usefulness. All services we provide are done in compliance with state and local regulations. Your old appliances will be handled safely and responsibly.

Call us for a free estimate on your old appliance pickup, and any cleanup or removal help you need around the home or office.

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