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3 Cheapest Junk Removal Ideas

September 11, 2018.

When faced with having to dispose of a large amount of junk or waste to dispose of, you want to consider the most responsible removal options, while also considering the cost for the task. To understand your cheapest junk removal options, you need to look at your total cost from several perspectives: financial cost of disposal, physical labor and time needed to move the items, effort to research, and the cost of not researching responsible disposal.

Financial Cost of Junk Removal

The first obvious task is to assess the actual financial investment required to be rid of your junk.

Taking your weekly household trash to the curb for local municipal pick-up is easy enough, but what do you do with large loads of collected junk, junk left over from a home remodel, large amounts of yard waste, or piles of clutter left on property you’ve bought and need to clean out? The curb is not the answer, since your municipality won’t take much of it, and what they will take can add huge additional fees onto your city service. Additionally, who wants to wait for the few scheduled pickup days that allow additional or specific types of collection for large or hard to dispose of items? You might need to consider hiring one company to remove everything all at once, with a guaranteed affordable price and no surprises regarding later added fees or fines. Jiffy Junk is a great option, and they can help you accomplish more than just saving money by helping with other cost considerations as well.

Cost of Time and Effort

Another aspect of cost is your time and effort. Having a house or apartment-sized load of items to move out will take some physical effort. You could have family members help haul items out of the building. Not everyone has this luxury and lining up the timing for the help isn’t always easy. It’s often necessary to accomplish quick removal due to divorce, death in the family, real estate selling or moving and rent deadlines, legal notices or simply the inability to store items for many additional reasons. Sometimes you just need to get the clutter off your property, and most often, time is money. Do you have that time to get this done, and do you want to be the one to spend your physical effort going through everything, sorting what goes where, physically carrying furniture or appliances out of small doorways, down winding stairs and then getting a truck to haul everything to the various responsible drop off locations? An implied cost of moving items physically from the property that isn’t mentioned enough is the potential property damage or physical injuries. Paying doctor bills or even missing a day or more at work may not be worth the risk of exerting yourself or loved ones. Incurring the expense of repairing or paying fines for property damage is unfortunate as well.

Researching Responsible Options for Disposal

We’ve all seen the result of irresponsible disposal on the side of the road, abandoned properties and alleys. It’s not pretty, and while the cost may not be felt by the “dumper” your community and the environment most certainly will pay for it with municipal resources or the risk of leaving unsightly trash lying around, ruining whole areas for everyone. This selfish action is no option.

There are three different approaches to dispose of your trash and unwanted items in a responsible way that costs you little while not inflicting damage or cost to your town, community or environment. In fact, these strategies to disposal can help your community.

  1. Donating
  2. Recycling
  3. Hauling

Donation to Local Charity

Often the adage, “your trash could be someone else’s treasure” is very true. It costs you nothing to be generous to others. Every community has less fortunate people who struggle to keep up with bills or supplying their families with common household necessities. Much of the items that you’ve been hanging onto and need to part with now could be a tremendous blessing to others. Outside of selling off some obvious valuables for cash, you’ll most certainly have items not worth the time or effort to sell. Large furniture, clothing, household items for the kitchen and home décor, toys, outdoor and sporting equipment can be donated, often with a tax write-off. The key is to research your local charities to find out what can be dropped off, what can be picked up, what certain charities collect and distribute, and what days are available to deal with it. The only issue with this method is that you’ll still be the one to get the items out of your home, apartment or building, and then find a way to haul them to the appropriate donation center, and that’s after taking the time to research the available local programs. You could call a Junk Removal service to handle all of this for you. Jiffy Junk knows every local charity, their schedule, and what they can take. Why not let the Jiffy Junk pros do the work to move items out of your storage, home or building facility and get it all to the proper donation centers in their own trucks and at a convenient time for you?

Recycling Programs

After donating, you’ll be left with many items that are not in good enough shape to donate. You might be surprised how much of this can be recycled, including broken or stained mattresses, large furniture, even torn or damaged clothing and large plastic items. Your city collection isn’t usually a great option for large recyclables dues to fees or refusal to take them. Additionally, there are many recyclable items that require specific types of recycling centers such as paint, tires, electronics, oil and chemicals. Even cardboard has its own type of recycling center, which in bulk, will need a special arrangement to deal with. Have you realized how much of your yard waste, including dirt, should never go to the landfills? Large piles or bundles of yard waste require more than a twice a year pickup option from your city collection. Like donation, recycling responsibly requires some research, and in the end, items still need to be hauled off. Is this something you want to do even if you have access to a truck without renting?  Do you have time to go to the various centers for each type of recyclable? Jiffy Junk has the research already done for you. They know all the recycle details of your community and will remove these hazardous or unsightly items from your property without you lifting a finger to take them outside. They’ll load up the truck and make all the trips. You don’t even have to sort what goes where. Jiffy Junk pros will do this in one trip on the day you need it gone.

Junk Hauling Service

Some of the clutter you’re dealing with in an estate sale, cleanout of an apartment due to hoarding or overcollection or items left on a property need to be taken to the local waste collection center. The fees you save from not leaving extra items on your curb, makes hiring a junk removal service a great option. There might also be other more appropriate waste disposal options that your city doesn’t contract with, but Jiffy Junk does.

Final Calculation of the Cheapest Junk Removal Options

When reviewing the total cost of removing large amounts of junk from your property, it’s easy to see that reducing time and effort on your part, contributes to saving total cost of removal in the end. Jiffy Junk will not only haul away your trash immediately, safely and legally, but they will comb through it to be sure items that what can be donated will be, and all recyclables, even items you didn’t know were eligible, will go to the appropriate centers. Jiffy Junk cares about keeping as much out of the local landfills as possible. Why not save yourself money, time and effort by giving Jiffy Junk a call or go online to schedule your appointment.

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