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6 Cool Tire Recycling Products

April 25, 2017.

Everyone is familiar with tires because they transport us from point A to point B on a daily basis. Regardless of your method of transportation, chances are tires are responsible in some way for helping you arrive at your destination. Bikes and cars and even the bus, they all have wheels that go round and round. But what happens when they stop?

Many don’t realize the incredible potential tires have and the afterlife they’re able to live. Since rubber is one of the easiest materials to reuse and repurpose, recycling tires has proven to be one of the most inventive methods when it comes to disposing of those old wheels and creating new products.


Perhaps the easiest way to repurpose a tire into a fun, new product would be a tire swing. They’re inexpensive and quick to install and they offer hours of entertainment. Kid tested, parent-approved. It’s a win/win solution that has been around for years.


Because they’re fun, one of the most common ways old tires are repurposed is in the creation of playgrounds. They can be partially buried and stacked together as a winding tunnel. They can be anchored and tied together as a jungle gym meets cargo net contraption for a creative way of climbing. The rubber lends itself to a firm yet kid-friendly surface and can be broken down to become the actual flooring of a playground. Doing so can help eliminate harder surfaces like concrete or the mess of sand.

Mats and Rugs

Speaking of flooring, tires can be stripped and their rubber used in creating area rugs or door mats. The rubber pieces are weaved or braided or even bound together in ways that reveal a pattern. Sometimes the mats can be so attractive many don’t realize it’s an old tire until they inspect it further. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, they’re functional and will stand up to the harsh treatment of everyday use.


Artists are known for their extreme creativity and several have started using rubber as a resource. More than paint or metal or fabric, rubber lends itself to the curves and complexity of building sculptures. The result will often stop you in your tracks to get a longer look.

Jewelry and Accessories

Artistic expression isn’t limited to abstract or physical art. Several artists have been using their hands and the unusual texture of rubber to create bracelets and belts, handbags and earrings. Often, the transformation is so inspired the original material is unrecognizable.


Another interesting product made from recycling old tires is furniture. Ottomans, chairs, coffee tables and more are popping up all over the place, increasing the mileage of tires long after they’ve stopped spinning on our vehicles.

Tire Recycling

While tires may stop transporting us, it doesn’t mean the life span has to end. Recycling and repurposing those old wheels will guarantee they keep going round and round, one way or another. The best part? There are companies, like Jiffy Junk in the Long Island area, which will haul away your used tires so these cool creations are possible. Call today at 844-543-3966.

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