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New York Junk Removal from Estates

August 14, 2018.

Junk removal is not just about getting rid of whatever unsellable items and trash are left over in an auctioned or abandoned home. After the death of a family member, the last thing you need to deal with is the difficult task of clearing out their estate. Hiring a New York junk removal service company can do be a great help and comfort to grieving family members with far too much on their plates. For an unexpected passing, this overwhelming task comes out of the blue. As if there isn’t enough to do regarding the family member, planning of funeral arrangements, having to deal with the contents of an entire estate can be a difficult burden, and all happening while the family is grieving. In circumstances surrounding a long difficult illness; it’s not always the easiest time to plan. If the patient is in hospice care, the last thing family members want to do is make a lot of changes or do busy work, but rather to focus on the time left. When the time does come, often everything has to be dealt with at the same time, and it’s important to prioritize what to focus on to stay efficient, otherwise a bad situation can drag on for too long.

Clearing an Estate- Steps to follow

It’s difficult to imagine just how many things need to be done regarding the settling of an estate, even if it’s because of downsizing, moving or divorce. When the New York estate belongs to someone recently deceased, there are other considerations to deal with as well. Nobody can know exactly what and where everything is concerning the Estate, even if the previous owner planned ahead, leaving detailed instructions and records. Often, an accident came unexpectedly, or an illness preoccupied the owner, leaving much to be figured out by those that come after. More often than not, family members are left scrambling to realize exactly what the priorities are when approaching a property in which they have not recently lived in, if ever.

Find the Critical Documents and Personal Items

The first thing a family needs to do is to secure any written documents and records that involve the property itself, personal records of the deceased, and any other financial documents that relate to bank accounts, debts, bills, investments and other property. Once a will is found, you’ll need to appropriate any items mentioned in the will itself. It’s a tedious, boring venture to go through reams of papers and files, but necessary in order to be sure you aren’t forgetting or missing something important. Next, gather the family to go through the home to find and retrieve personal mementos, photos, and sentimental items that are irreplaceable, even if of little actual value.

Remove Valuables for Sale or Distribution

Once you have the important records and documents along with personal items recovered, it’s time to remove items of value that, including furniture, jewelry, and anything else, is to either be sold in an estate sale or divided among the family. Finding these items can be a challenge, especially in homes that have been lived in for decades. There are many places to search in most households. Be sure to check attic spaces, basements, sheds, the garage, the loft in the garage-if there is one, closets, under staircases, cabinets in bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility areas, the kitchen and hall storage areas. Don’t forget to check the inside of drawers, over cabinet spaces, under and behind furniture, high shelving, storage bench seating, cellars, hobby rooms, work-out spaces and crawlspaces. Check to see if the departed had a storage space outside the home as well. Going through an estate’s holdings and possessions can take days, weeks, or longer so it’s best to get an early start and have help doing it.

Non-personal Items Disbursal

It’s surprising to realize just how much a household can accumulate in a lifetime. Quite often, a large percentage of possessions found in a home aren’t worth much. Even after items of some value or sentiment are removed, there is likely to be a great deal of furniture, mattresses, clothing, books, knick-knacks, dishes, non-working parts or appliances, tools, and general useless items, i.e.: boxes of “stuff” that you must deal with. You could put much of this on the curb. That would require a lot of time and effort to gather, stack, package according to city ordinance, buy stickers and contractor bags, and likely pay hefty fees for large furniture, if the city will even take all of it. In the end, all of this is a lot of work to gather and schlepp outside and you risk having much still left on the curb after trash day. By this point, families just want to be done with clearing out the house. They need better options, and Jiffy Junk has them.


Chances are, much of what’s left over from the estate can be donated. You aren’t excited about packing boxes or moving large items outside for pickup by a charity. It’s simply a lot of work. In New York, depending on where you live, you might have to get a truck for some or all the items to take to the donation center yourself. It’s even more work after sifting through the estate, and it feels never ending. At the same time, even if the city would take most of what’s left, and you don’t mind doing at least some work to get rid of it, do you really want all of it to get dumped in a landfill? Jiffy Junk will always take the time and effort to donate useable items to local charities. They’ll clear the items out of the house and transport them to the donation center for you.


What cannot be donated, can often be recycled. Even furniture and mattresses have specific types of recycling centers and Jiffy Junk will find the best local place to recycle whatever they can. In the end, they’ll take whatever items cannot be donated or recycled to a trash collection location themselves. You can save yourself the phone calls, the running around, the packing, the prepping, the fees and truck rental, by letting Jiffy Junk take the hassle out of you getting the estate cleared in a thoughtful, responsible way.

New York Junk Removal Jiffy Junk is Your Answer

Here at Jiffy Junk, we know all the regulations, processing centers and charities in your New York neighborhood. You can’t prevent dealing with difficult circumstances, but you can let Jiffy Junk make this one part of dealing with your estate issues easier and less stressful. Give us a call or go online to set up an appointment. We’ll be out quickly to take at least one burden off your family’s shoulders.

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