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What to Do When the NYC Recycling Schedule Doesn’t Work for You

June 28, 2018.

Are you struggling to finish a big cleaning project on a tight deadline? If so, you know the stress of trying to be environmentally responsible while staying on schedule, especially if the NYC recycling schedule isn’t ideal for your own timeline.

To further complicate matters, bulk item pickup offered by DSNY comes with a laundry list of conditions, rules and guidelines you must meet or adhere to in order to not only secure pickup but to avoid fines and penalties. Add to this the fact that items marked for bulk pickup aren’t always recycled, and you might find yourself in a quandary.

NYC Recycling: Schedule and Appointments

If an item is too large to fit into a regular pickup bin, it’s considered bulk waste. In the case of appliances and other items which are required by state, local and federal law to be recycled to some degree, you can feel confident you’re not making an enormous landfill impact with your project.

What about the items DSNY doesn’t recycle, though? Mattresses, upholstered furniture and other difficult-to-recycle items aren’t taken to nontraditional recycling centers; in most cases, they just end up in a landfill. It’s worth remembering, too, that large-item pickup almost always requires a special appointment, which you may need to book days or weeks in advance. When you don’t have time to spare due to a looming deadline, this can make the entire situation feel even more hopeless.

You can always seek out specialty recycling organizations and collectives on your own because there are some that accept mattresses for processing or even the polyurethane foam from sofa cushions. It’s not impossible to minimize your own impact by seeking out new ways of sustainably disposing of large items, but you should be prepared to assume responsibility for all your own hauling. Most specialized recycling initiatives don’t offer pickup services.

Quickly and Ethically Disposing of Unwanted Items

Many New Yorkers don’t own a vehicle, let alone one large enough to accommodate items too large for normal recycling pickup. Doing it on your own will likely mean renting a truck, then footing the bill for all fueling, insurance and administrative fees and toll costs. This is all before you encounter processing fees at recycling centers, too. Doing the right thing can take days of planning and manual labor, then cost you more than you’d pay to work with an ethical waste management company.

We’re dedicated to protecting the environment and minimizing impact at Jiffy Junk, so we make a point of salvaging any and all usable items for donation right away. Anything not suitable for donation will be recycled whenever possible, ensuring the bare minimum of your waste goes to a landfill. We provide white-glove services to business and residential clients throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County and all five boroughs. No heavy lifting, no worry about missed deadlines and no guilt about how you dispose of your waste.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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