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Green Building with Construction Waste Recycling?

September 27, 2017.

Does the potential environmental impact of your new building project have you second-guessing your decision to renovate, remodel or build a new structure? Up to forty percent of unrecycled waste in American landfills can be attributed to construction projects, a figure that can give environmentally-conscious builders and property owners pause. What if there were a way you could complete a project effectively while minimizing your contribution?

There are a variety of recycling options specifically geared toward builders and DIY homeowners, which can substantially mitigate the impact of your project. Before you send a load of debris or waste to the landfill, take some time to explore these options.

How Ethical Waste Management Protects the Environment

Keeping waste out of landfills is an admirable goal for its own sake, but there are other reasons why you might want to consider more ethical options when it comes to managing waste related to building and construction. Treated lumber, for instance, contains chemical compounds that can leach into groundwater and contaminate soil. Old appliances and materials pulled from a structure being rehabbed, particularly an aging structure, can contain a number of dangerous chemicals. Hazardous building waste does more than clog a landfill; it has the potential to affect much of your community.

When it’s time to source waste management, either as a DIY owner/builder or on an ongoing basis for professional contractors, responsible management is vital. For professionals, it’s also wise to consider the optics of promoting a green building stance. Today’s consumer comes with a heightened awareness of environmental issues, and being able to offer ethical solutions to the waste problem is a great marketing tactic. In addition to doing your part as an ethical building professional, you’re also helping your business to gain visibility in a crowded market.

Securing Construction Waste Recycling Services

Managing a remodel, renovation or new construction project is hard work. It requires your almost undivided attention, from start to finish. For this reason, it may not be wise for owner/builders or pros to take on the burden of construction waste recycling themselves.

Sorting materials, loading waste and taking each type of material to its own recycling center can be a full-time job on its own. The average property owner will not have the time or the resources to manage such a feat, and the professional will likely be forced to use expensive skilled labor for these tasks. In the end, you may find yourself struggling to complete cleanup in an efficient manner due to the sheer volume of waste a project generates and the more labor-intensive process of separating materials appropriately.

At Jiffy Junk, we know you want to protect the environment while building beautiful structures. We share this commitment to greener building solutions, which is why we offer full-service white-glove hauling and recycling drop-off. Our trained, professional technicians will come to your site and remove all construction debris, recycling everything that can be recycled. You get a cleaner, safer work site and an ethical disposal system you can feel good about putting in place.

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