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Junk Metal Removal with No Hassle

March 6, 2017.

There are a number of reasons not to move your junk metal yourself, safety being number one. Combining sharp metal edges with rust and you have injuries and infection just waiting to happen. Even without sharp edges and rust, metal is generally heavy. No one needs a back injury. Beyond the safety issues, you need a vehicle to haul the material with and a place to haul it to. At Jiffy Junk, have trained professionals who have the equipment and training to safely handle junk metal. They also who takes different types of metal for recycling. Avoid the hassle, and give us a call.

Quick Debris and Junk Metal Removal

Junk metal doesn’t just accumulate in neighborhood garages. It can found in construction zones, manufacturing plants, or a number of other businesses. Construction zones may have other construction debris mixed with junk metal. Maybe that’s your situation at your home or garage as well. No problem. Jiffy Junk can pick up your junk metal and your other junk or debris, all at the same time. We’re in your area often. Just call to get on pickup schedule.

We Can Move That

In many cases the junk metal that someone may need moved is in a hard to reach spot or is just in an awkward position somewhere. Never try and get things out of odd places. That is one of the many ways people can get hurt handling scrap metal. Next time you need junk metal removed, leave it sitting where it is. The professionals at Jiffy Junk are always equipped with safety equipment to safely handle the dangers of scrap metal. We’ll do the hard work for you.

Going Green with Your Junk Metal

Scrap metal can almost always be recycled and reused. By putting your scrap in the hands of Jiffy Junk, you can be confident that we will do our part to keeping metals out of our landfills. We are always environmentally conscious in our hauling of metals and choice of recycling vendors. Your junk metal won’t be wasted or harm the earth when you use Jiffy Junk as your junk hauler.

Next time you have junk metal that needs to be hauled away, give us a call. Jiffy Junk serves Queens, and the entire Nassau, and Suffolk counties. We can be to your location quickly no matter where you are located in these counties. Our team always treat your home and property with respect. We always do our best to leave your property clean and neat after removing your junk. We always want our customers fully satisfied after we leave your property. You deserve to have hassle free junk removal in your busy life. Jiffy Junk will always be here to take your junk in a jiffy.

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