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Old Appliance Pick Up to Make Way for the New

October 21, 2016.

Have you got a remodeling project in the works for your kitchen? Updating an apartment or rental property? We will haul away your old appliances to make room for the new ones. Keep your project on track and give yourself the room you need to work, by letting Jiffy Junk do your junk hauling for you.

When you’re in the middle of a remodel, things can get cramped in a hurry. Even if you’re just replacing a refrigerator or oven with a newer model, it’s no small task getting the old one out of the way. Appliances are big and bulky and need to be disposed of properly. And if you’ve got to move them up or down a stairwell, it can become downright hazardous.

We Recycle or Reuse Your Old Appliance

We have the professionals and equipment to haul off your old appliances when you need the room. You don’t need to strain yourself or sit that old fridge out in front of your house until pickup day on your block. With Jiffy Junk, pickup day is whatever day you say it is.

Appliances can be hazardous even after you manage to get them out of the house. An old refrigerator or oven represent potentially dangerous allures to your children or your neighbors’ kids. If you leave them out for pickup, you’ll need to remove doors to safeguard the little ones from risk.

If you want to get everything out of the way, and be certain that it’s all disposed of responsibly, call us. We will recycle your old appliance so that the materials can be reused. We are an environmentally friendly junk hauling service. We care about our community, in Nassau and Suffolk County and Queens.

Jiffy Junk Hauls in a Jiffy

You can trust Jiffy Junk to arrive on time, work efficiently, treat you courteously, and leave a lot of clean space behind when we’re through. Contractors are highly skilled and highly paid workers, and you’re paying them to do skilled work, not manual labor. Save them time, and save yourself money, with a call to Jiffy Junk so we can move out those old appliances and make room for the new.

While you’re at it, you may decide you’d like to clear out some old furniture or carpet. We’ll handle that for you too. Construction debris piling up in the middle of your yard? Worksite getting cluttered with old materials? Jiffy Junk will do the cleanup work for you. And if you need a wall knocked down to make room for your new appliances? That’s right, we will take care of that too.

Just give us a call for a no-risk estimate from one of our friendly professionals. You’ll never pay more than what we quote you for the entire job. So don’t wait a week for your neighborhood trash pickup to pick up your old appliances, or break your back doing it yourself. Relief is just a phone call away.

Call Today : 844-JIFFY-NOW | 844-543-3966

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