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We Pick Up Scrap Metal!

February 8, 2017.

In your preparation for Spring, you may have noticed you’ve accumulated a nice collection of scrap over time. There’s that old lawn mower, a couple of bicycles you no longer use, among other items. You might even have an old appliance or two that are past their useful lives. What to do with it all? Jiffy Junk will pick up scrap metal for you.

Scrap metal pick up is often one of the most difficult services to find on Long Island. Most trash services don’t provide such service and getting all that scrap ready for pick up in the first place is a hassle. When you do find someone who will take it, they are apt to be selective about what they accept, and will require you to have it all ready for pick up.

Jiffy Junk Can Pick Up Scrap Metal

At Jiffy Junk, we specialize in fast, efficient hauling and cleanup services, including pick up of scrap metal. We do not require our customers to do any work or preparation before we arrive. All you need to do is tell us what needs to go, and we will take it from there.

Scrap metal is heavy, rusty, and sharp material in most cases. It is a lot of work gathering up all your scrap metal, and can even be hazardous to handle. If you haven’t got the means to transport your scrap metal to a scrapyard, you then must rent a truck or trailer to get it there.  That’s if you even know where to take it, and have the time to make the trip.

If you need a service that will pick up scrap metal, Jiffy Junk is the one to call. We eliminate the hassle of you having to collect all your scrap metal for pick up. Leave it where it is and let us do the work for you. We have everything necessary to haul out your scrap metal in no time, and will save you the trip to the scrapyard.

Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling metals is an environmentally friendly way to clear out your shed, garage or warehouse for added workspace. Jiffy Junk will pick up scrap metal wherever you have it stored and haul it away for you. From there, the metal will be recycled for continued use.

The various metals present in scrap material are generally recyclable, but need to be sorted, and aren’t all accepted at every location. Jiffy Junk will separate the metals and deliver them to the appropriate center for recycling.

For prompt and courteous scrap metal pickup, call us or book an appointment online today. Schedule a free estimate, and your pickup for a date and time convenient for you.

Jiffy Junk is a locally owned and operated hauling business, serving Long Island and Queens. We provide junk hauling, estate cleanouts; furniture and appliance removal and more. We do demolition work as well. When you need more space, we’re here to help. We’ll tear down that shed, remove fencing, or haul away whatever needs to go, and leave you clean added space.

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