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Recycle Computers to Save World Resources

May 10, 2017.

It’s amazing how fast technology can change—and how difficult it is to keep up with the newest and latest gadgets. As computers and other electronics get faster and more efficient, it’s likely that you have a couple of older models hanging around in your closets, basements, or spare bedrooms that are all collecting dust. Instead of tossing those old computers out into the trash, find a local retailer or recycling center that will take it.

Why You Should Recycle Electronics, Not Trash Them

When you recycle computers and other electronics, you’re doing much more than just cleaning out your space (which is an added bonus!): you are also helping to save world resources. According to the EPA, recycling one million laptops will save the energy equivalent of the electricity it takes to power 3,500 U.S. homes in a year.

As we become more reliant on electronics in our everyday lives, a ton of resources are being used to make them. Electronics like laptop and desktop computers are made from metals, plastics, and glass. If companies that make electronics could re-use a lot of these materials instead of starting from scratch, it would take less energy to make each new laptop.

Additionally, throwing electronics in a landfill can cause a major amount of air and water pollution as well as contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Electronics are filled with potentially toxic chemicals, and if they’re leaked out into the environment then they can be very harmful to wildlife and plant life.

Another great reason to recycle is to protect your own personal information. Many electronic recycling programs offer free data wiping as part of their service, ensuring that no one will get their hands on your banking or other personal info.

How to Recycle Computers Properly

First things first, unless you find out that data deletion is part of the service, you’ll need to delete it on your own. Back up any important files—like photographs and important documents—onto a flash drive or a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Unplug anything from your computer such as a mouse or a keyboard, and decide if you want to keep those around for the next computer or recycle them too.

Now you’ll just need to find a recycling center that accepts electronics. If your computer is an Apple, they provide their own service at Apple stores or online. (They even offer a gift card to put toward your next Apple purchase!) Other stores like Best Buy, Staples, and Dell also offer in-store drop-off locations so that you can be assured that your computer will be handled responsibly.

If you don’t have one of those stores near you, check in with your city or state government to see if they have an electronic recycling program in place. Many companies also offer mail-in recycling options as well.

Want to save yourself a trip? If you live on Long Island or in New York City (including all 5 burroughs), Jiffy Junk can take care of your old computers or other equipment. 

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