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Scrap Metal Pick Up Service That Caters to You

December 23, 2016.

Big jobs call for help you can depend on, and when it comes to scrap metal pick up service, you can count on Jiffy Junk to meet your expectations. That’s not typically the case with other trash services who either won’t accept your scrap metal or will only do it on their schedule.

Jiffy Junk includes scrap metal pick up among our many other cleanup and hauling services, and we cater to our customers, not the other way around. That means you can schedule an appointment for pick up that works for you, and have quicker access to the space you need.

Jiffy Junk Handles the Heavy Lifting of Scrap Metal Pick Up

Scrap metal disposal can only be done legally at specific locations who also have their own schedules. Patrons are required to sort their metals by type before they will be accepted. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive work you can do without.

Jiffy Junk will pick up your scrap metal for you, big jobs or small, and do the heavy lifting for you. We appreciate the value of your time, as a homeowner or business owner, and the importance of getting a job done quickly.

If you’ve got old appliances in your home you’d like to scrap, or metal debris on your property that poses a safety hazard, Jiffy Junk will clear it out for you. You can skip the hassle of loading the scrap onto a rental trailer or waste container and have it all done in a fraction of the time necessary to do it yourself.

Construction debris cleanup is right up our alley at Jiffy Junk. Whatever you have that needs to be hauled away, we’ve got the tools and experience to handle it. Instead of having a dumpster sitting outside your home or business, you can have nothing but clean, open space in a jiffy.

Multiple Services Available, At Your Service with Jiffy Junk

Is your scrap metal debris part of a bigger job? You don’t need to contact numerous services for each type of material you have for pick up. Jiffy Junk will haul it all away for you efficiently and responsibly. Why sort all that waste material into separate piles or containers to qualify for pick up by different services when you can make one call to handle it all?

Jiffy Junk is committed to delivering reliable and respectful service to all our Long Island neighbors. Our personnel are trained, screened and experienced to ensure you get the quality of service you deserve. We offer no-risk quotes and volume pricing, so you can count on paying a set price, scaled to the size of the job. No surprises and no hassles.

Call Jiffy Junk for quality scrap metal pick up in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and in Queens. Get the work done in a New York minute and spend your valuable time making use of all the clean space our clean up pros will leave behind. You deserve a scrap metal pick up service that caters to you. At Jiffy Junk, it’s our mission to deliver exactly that.

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