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Sometimes You Can’t Even Give Away Furniture

August 16, 2017.

What do you do when no one wants your old furniture?

You’re ready to declutter your space and have decided that the first things to go will be bulky pieces of furniture you no longer want or need. After weeks of trying to sell things in social media groups and classified ads, you’ve gradually dropped prices until they’re almost free, but still have no takers. What gives? As it turns out, sometimes “free” is too high a price for some items. If you’re desperate to get rid of things but can’t convince anyone to take them off your hands, don’t despair. There are solutions at your disposal; all you have to do is explore them.

Why Is It Difficult to Sell or Give Away Furniture?

As Baby Boomers and the parents of Boomers simultaneously downsize, younger generations have a tepid interest in the furniture of their forebears. Young adults just beginning their independent lives may be willing to spend money on high-end pieces of furniture from the mid-century era, but large, mass-produced pieces from decades before or after this peak are simply not appealing to young buyers.

This means that, if you’re trying to downsize yourself or are in the process of clearing out an estate, you face a considerable challenge in trying to sell antiquated furniture. In many cases, you’d be very lucky indeed if you were able to successfully give away furniture from these eras. Inexpensive flat-pack furniture has significantly damaged the market for secondhand furniture, as it’s often easier for people to purchase and assemble a brand-new piece of disposable quality than to gamble on others’ castoffs.

Baby and nursery furniture are similarly difficult to unload, but for different reasons. Periodic recalls and constantly evolving safety standards make old cribs and other nursery furniture a liability in many cases. Drop-side cribs, which used to be standard, can no longer be sold due to safety concerns. High-chairs and other items lacking modern safety features will be very difficult to give away, let alone sell. In the end, the things you’d most like to get rid of are the things most people don’t want to buy used.

Reclaiming Your Space When No One Wants Your Stuff

What do you do when your home is full of furniture you don’t want and can’t get rid of despite your best efforts? Don’t sacrifice space in your home to hold onto things for which you have no need and no desire. Donate what you can and recycle the rest.

Unless you own a large truck and have plenty of time to haul bulky pieces, one-by-one, to a donation center, you’re facing a real challenge. This is where our Jiffy Junk pros can truly save the day. We’ll come get your furniture anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk County, taking it to appropriate donation or recycling centers.

Through our white-glove service standards, you’ll find your old furniture removed carefully and the space swept clean. No fuss, no anxiety and no back-breaking labor trying to move furniture to dozens of locations for donation or sale. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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