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Metal Recycling – What You Need to Know

May 2, 2017.

Often, a pile of metal is evidence of a good time. Several empty cans or pie tins of crumbs guarantee laughs were shared in their presence. Construction debris means something was torn down and something will be rebuilt. A new beginning almost always follows an ending. The question isn’t what caused the pile of metal, but rather what to do with it once you have it. It can be heavy, both figuratively and literally.

The answer? Recycle it. Almost all metal can be recycled and should be, as it’s the most environmentally friendly solution. The good news is there are people who will do this for you! Many companies have experienced professionals who can not only recycle your metal on your behalf, but pick it up and haul it away, too.

Things to Know When Recycling Metal

There are several different types of metal in many different forms. The most common are tin, copper, steel, aluminum, brass and even cast iron. The items can range from cans to pipes to frying pans and can include metal siding from torn down sheds. All types and forms can be picked up and hauled away and, most importantly, recycled.

Many companies will sort your scrap metal on site before loading it into their truck to make recycling easier. They’ll more than likely make two piles: ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous metals generally contain larger amounts of iron and fewer amounts of other metals. Nonferrous metals are void of iron. The quickest way to determine which category your metal falls into is the magnet trick. Magnets are only attracted to ferrous metals, which makes sorting easy as pie (preferably in a tin you can recycle).

The Benefits of Metal Recycling

Perhaps the single most important choice you can make when disposing of scrap metal is to have someone do it for you. Metal can be rough around the edges or rusted or both. Sometimes the metal you’re discarding can be oddly shaped or heavy and could require more than one person to move. More often than not, a larger vehicle is needed to hold and transport the waste for recycling.

Recycling provides several benefits, even more so when metal is concerned. Not only does this choice keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, but having it recycled helps reduce energy consumption and encourages the saving of other minerals and resources. It’s an easy choice. It just makes sense to recycle.

The people at Jiffy Junk have been trained how to properly handle all types of items, especially those made of metal, and how to recycle them responsibly. They’ll assess your scraps, divide them as necessary, move and load them into their trucks then haul them away for recycling. The only thing you have to lift is your finger to dial their number.

Jiffy Junk offers a Junk Metal Removal Service. They’ll make quick work of the task. While it can be heavy, you don’t have to lift it because they will do it for you.

Let Jiffy Junk take your scrap metal off your hands. Call today at 844-543-3966.

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