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Office Cleanout Done Fast!

February 27, 2017.

There can be many variables going into performing an office cleanout. It can be a dangerous task if you are not properly equipped, you may need to deconstruct complicated office furniture, there may be tight spaces, or a number of different issues that can contribute to the difficulty of this task. Jiffy junk has a commendable team of experts that are trained to properly and efficiently dispose of what you don’t need  and can do it in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The Danger of DIY Office Cleanout

When it comes down to it, office cleanout is not a small task. It requires heavy lifting which can cause back problems and numerous other physical problems in the future. It may require multiple people and if someone gets hurt, it could be on you. You will have to deliver the office furniture yourself, which will require driving on streets. Having a large weight to haul also has the likelihood of tipping over and getting damaged! With all the ways that things could go wrong in office cleanout, it is a much better option to trust the team at Jiffy Junk.

We Can Take It, No Matter the Object

From desks, computers, chairs, and tables, Jiffy junk can take anything that you may have in your office. No matter how obscure, or complicated, our knowledgeable team is quite capable of dismantling and deconstructing your office items. You know how frustrating taking apart furniture can be and why risk damaging it? Your items may very well be donated through Jiffy Junk, so we have our team up to date on how to take apart anything in an office without damaging the item. We know how to get your items out the door and to the right place.

Environmentally Friendly

In today’s day and age, people and companies can be extremely wasteful. By teaming up with Jiffy Junk, you are taking steps to a greener, healthier earth. Any objects that we get that could be of use to someone else in the world, we will donate. The people of the world need your old office equipment to get there own businesses started and have a successful life. Other waste that is not up to par of our recycle and reuse policy, is disposed of in the proper way. At Jiffy Junk we follow all city, county, state, and federal laws of waste disposal to ensure the safety of future generations.

No Damage to Your Office

In many cases, office cleanout is needed because the office is being sold and new office equipment will be moved in. When you are in the process of moving office equipment, you will definitely not want the office itself damaged. The attentive team at Jiffy Junk will ensure that your office is almost better than before we got there.

Next time you need help with an office cleanout, make Jiffy Junk your first call. We pick up any  junk you have to get rid of in Queens, Long island, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

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