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Scrap Removal Done Quickly

January 4, 2017.

One of the toughest jobs in cleaning out a building is scrap removal. That’s a task involving large, heavy objects that are often difficult to handle. Sharp edges, bulky sizes and shapes and materials that may need to be separated for disposal.

If you do it yourself, you will need to sort out scraps into separate collections of glass, types of metal and other materials. Scrap removal is one thing, disposal is another matter. There are only so many sites you can take scrap to for recycling, and they only accept it under the right conditions.

Jiffy Junk knows the ropes when it comes to scrap removal. We have the equipment and experience to do it quickly and the expertise to get it recycled responsibly. You don’t need to load your own vehicle, or rent a trailer or truck to haul the scrap in. There’s no reason for you to wait in line for scrap disposal at the other end either. Jiffy Junk has you covered from start to finish.

Safe, Responsible Scrap Removal

Scrap isn’t something you can manage with a broom or shovel. You can’t drop it into a trash bag and sit it out front for the local trash guys to pick up with your other garbage. In fact, it isn’t legal in most jurisdictions to dispose of scrap metal items with your other trash.

You can leave it out for special pick-ups, but you also risk liability for injury to neighborhood kids. Items such as refrigerators need to be disassembled for safety reasons before they can be collected. The time you spend prepping, sorting and awaiting pickup of your scrap materials is valuable time you can be spent making use of the clean space Jiffy Junk will leave behind when you leave your scrap removal to us.

Jiffy Junk is an environmentally conscientious hauling service. We recycle and dispose of your scrap responsibly. A call to Jiffy Junk is a call to help preserve the environment as well as clean your home or office.

Got a warehouse that needs to be cleared out? A hoarding environment in need of a cleanup? We will haul away all your waste and scrap quickly. Unsanitary conditions are taken care of promptly, hazardous materials are disposed of safely. Whatever your hauling needs, Jiffy Junk has the tools and know-how to get it done fast.

Jiffy Junk Does It All

Jiffy Junk is a junk hauling company serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Queens. We offer furniture removal, carpet removal, estate clear-outs and hoarding cleanup. We will haul concrete and construction debris. Ask about our carpet and flooring removal services too.

We are licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Call us today to get a no-risk quote on your scrap removal job. Whatever size or type of hauling service you need. Jiffy Junk is ready and equipped to handle it. We know time is money and space is valuable to you. That’s why you can count on Jiffy Junk to do the job quickly, when you need it done.

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